Failing Forward

The Graystone Creative Team came up with the idea to give away FREE puppies at our Christmas services.  I thought it was a great idea.  It would create a lot of buzz and excitement around Christmas at Graystone, and it would make for a memorable Christmas for several lucky kids.  We posted a video on Facebook about it and within hours it went viral.  There were several negative comments about the idea and the church.  We certainly didn’t see this coming.  We decided to pull the plug on the giveaway.  We didn’t pull the plug because people disagreed with what we were doing.  We cancelled the giveaway because we do not want anything to take the focus off of Jesus this Christmas.

Let me say this:  I am super proud of our creative team.  I’m proud of them for thinking outside the box and coming up with new creative ideas.  Like I said, I thought it was a PHENOMENAL idea.  Sometimes our ideas turn out great and sometimes they don’t.  And if they don’t, its no big deal.  At least we tried.  And least we stepped out in faith and tried something new.  As I’ve said hundreds of times, we will do whatever it takes to reach people for Jesus as long as it is not illegal, unBiblical, or unethical.  I honestly do not think there is anything wrong with giving away free puppies to kids on Christmas. But some people do.  And it quickly became a big distraction. It was taking our focus off of where it needed to be.

John Maxwell has written a great book called Failing Forward.  If we are not failing, we are not stepping out in faith enough and trying new things.  If we are not failing, we are not growing.  I applaud our creative team for taking a risk. I want them to keep thinking outside the box and failing forward.  I think most of us would agree (haters are gonna hate) that our creative team has come up with some pretty amazing ideas over the years. As a result, God has used those ideas to change hundreds of lives for all eternity.

But bottom line, we do not want ANYTHING to take the focus off of JESUS this Christmas.  Let me encourage you to do the same.  Is there anything is your life that is becoming a distraction and taking the focus off of Jesus?  If so, pull the plug on it and move on.  Life is good.  God is great.  I’m out.

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