FREE Tickets for Christmas at Graystone!


Christmas at Graystone is one of our favorite services of the year.  And it is arguably the best opportunity of the year to invite a friend or family member to church.  This Christmas at Graystone we are having 11 services across 3 campuses, so we have plenty of options for you, your family, and your friends.

You can reserve your FREE tickets beginning this Sunday morning at church, or you can do it online at  The reason we have FREE tickets for our Christmas services is to insure that EVERYONE who attends has a seat and an enjoyable experience.  Once a service is FULL, we will no longer issue FREE tickets for that service.  So, go ahead and discuss/decide which service is best for you and your family and reserve your seats ASAP.

BTW, the creative team has already planned out a PHENOMENAL Christmas experience. If you are new to Graystone, children 4 and up attend the family friendly service.  We will have a nursery available for children 0-3 years old, and there is no need to reserve a ticket for them.  As I write this blog, we are 24 days away from our first Christmas at Graystone service.

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