Video: Celebrating 12 Years of Baptisms at Graystone Church

In the first 12 years of Graystone Church, we’ve seen 1,073 men, women, students and children crash the waters of baptism.  PRAISE GOD!  Each baptism represents a life that has been changed by Jesus for all eternity.  Each baptism also represents a family, and in many cases, an entire family transformed by the gospel.  And not only that, each baptism represents future generations that will be impacted for Jesus Christ.

During the 12 year celebration of Graystone Church, the bands played, “Death Was Arrested” as a people who have been baptized at Graystone held a sign of the date they were baptized. It has been requested to post this online, so here you go.  If you have ever served, prayed and/or given to Graystone, you have played a role in each person’s life that has been changed for all eternity.  We are trusting God to use Graystone to change thousands more over the next 12 years.   I truly believe the best is yet to come! To God be all the glory.

By the way, I cannot watch this video without crying.  Not that I am a crier or anything. In the words of Jessie, “They are happy tears.” Enjoy.


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