Please Pray for Emily


I want to ask all of our Graystone family and friends to please pray for Emily Thornton.  She is three years old and battling cancer.  To my knowledge/memory, she is the first Graystone Kid to have cancer.  The Graystone elders have laid hands on Emily and prayed over her and her family.  We are claiming James 5:14-16 and trusting God for a miracle.

Emily is currently going through what is known as “red devil” chemo treatment.  It is one of the strongest treatments with many side effects.  Please pray that the chemo works with little side effects.  Emily is losing her hair, but she seems to have a good attitude about it.  The goal is to shrink the tumor and keep it from growing into her heart.  Emily will have surgery soon to remove the tumor from her kidney.

Please pray for Emily today, this week and the months ahead. Also, please pray for her parents, Steven and Naomi, and her older brothers, Kyle and Ben.  I’ve attached a letter below that 6 year old Kyle wrote to his parents.  I cannot even imagine what this family is going through.  Let’s do all we can for them.


Dad and Mom, I love you. I hope Emily gets well. I missed y’all. I hope God takes good care of her. If you have to go to the doctor’s, I would want to come visit and I hope our family comes back together. I hope Emily gets done with her cancer.”

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  1. I write to you with Greetings, Compassion, Faith and Love Inspired from the FATHER-HEART Of GOD. My Heart is Incredibly Broken for your family, this disease found within Emily, and the unsettling it was placed on your families Peace. I pledge to stand in Faith with y’all in Beliefs for the Mighty Hand Of GOD to control the outcome of this situation. HE Has The Power Of Healing Within HIM, and as a Gracious FATHER, HE desires nothing more than seeing us made whole through HIS Abundant Love. HE Is Eternally Faithful In All HIs Ways, and no matter where we find ourselves this day and what we are believing for Big or small HE Is Able To Do Far Exceedingly More Than We Could Ever Ask Or Think. I Speak The Healing Hands Of GOD Be Upon Emily In JESUS Name, HIS same Healing Hands Over Your Family & Extended Family. Cancer Can Not Be A Blemish On My FATHERS Robe and Has No Dominion In Emily’s body In JESUS’ Name. I Am Praising GOD For This Healing To Be Done In Heaven As We See It Being Made Manifest Here On Earth. I Pray Strength, Comfort, Blessings, Gratefulness, Goodness, Peace, Joy & Love Over Emily and Your Family. These are not found in our trials or circumstances but In Our Gracious HEAVENLY FATHER. Be Found In HIM In Every Thought, Belief, Hurt, Weakness or Doubt; GOD Knows Your Heart & Every Questions within. Your Perfection Is Found In CHRIST Sacrifice & Resurrection & Emily’s Healing Was Made Possible By The Stripes CHRIST Took For Her Healing!!! I Pray GOD’S Magnificent Healing, Strength And Blessings Over Y’all!!!

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