Graystone Staff Update (New roles, babies, etc.)


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Last night, we had our 2nd Annual Graystone Staff Families Pool Party and Cookout. Our staff team continues to grow larger each year as God adds phenomenal people to our team.  Also, this past year, God blessed our families with a few babies, and we have more on the way. PRAISE GOD!  Let me be clear, Jennifer and I do not have any babies on the way.  Although, after last Sunday’s message by Wayne Naugle (Director of Uniting Hope 4 Children), we may be fostering again or adopting.  We will see where God leads.  If we do not foster or adopt, Julia probably will.

Anyway, every August we kick off a new season of ministry at Graystone Church.  This Sunday, I will be casting vision and sharing our theme/plans for the new church year.  We’ve had a few of our staff members transition roles, so I thought I would bring you up to speed.  The cement never settles at Graystone Church.

Alan and Allison Smith sold their house in Loganville and have moved to Bogart.  They actually bought Ben and Tiffany Presten’s house.  Ben and Tiffany are moving back to Vermont to plant churches.  Their heart and calling is in Vermont. Alan and Allison will be leading our Oconee Campus.  Alan will serve as the Campus Pastor and Allison as the Children’s Pastor.  We will also be adding a Student Pastor and Worship Leader as we launch the Oconee Campus this fall.

Heath Hollandsworth is our new Walton Campus Pastor.  He, Ashley and Lucy bought a house in downtown Monroe, and they are “Putting Down Roots” in Walton County.  Zach Orr’s role remains the same (Walton Worship Leader and Marketing Director).  Lea McCart will continue to be our rockstar Walton Children’s Pastor (BTW, we are starting Good News Club at Sharon Elementary.).  We are in the process of hiring a new Student Pastor at our Walton Campus.

Tim Hunter, former Founding/Lead Pastor of Connecting Point Church, is our new Missions and Stewardship Pastor.  Tim brings a wealth of experience to our Graystone Team (Not just because he’s older than me!), and he’s a fun, great guy to be around.  Chris Parker, who just finished a year-long internship with Graystone Walton, will be moving to our Ozora Campus to help with facilities.  Blake Lusk, the younger and better looking of the Lusk brothers, will be transitioning off staff and pursuing a career as a personal trainer.  Everyone else on staff at Graystone will pretty much continue serving in their current roles and responsibilities.

So, that’s the quick skinny on our Graystone Staff Team. I’m a little biased, but I think we have the best church staff team in the world.  I love each of them, and it’s an honor to serve Christ with them.  Please pray for our team as we kickoff a new season of ministry.  Pray especially for our marriages, kids and families.  Thank you for your commitment to our team.  The best is yet to come!

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