5 Things I Love about Sports Camp at Graystone Church

Football Coaches at Graystone Ozora Sports Camp

Football Coaches at the Graystone Ozora Sports Camp

5.  I love seeing the smiles on all the kids’ faces as they enjoy good, clean Christian fellowship and fun.

4.  I love seeing so MANY volunteers in our church serving God together, especially the men who serve as coaches, small group leaders, parking team members, facilities crew, etc.

3. I love seeing bumper to bumper traffic with hundreds of parents bringing their kids to CHURCH.  It’s similar to the grid lock traffic in the Disney World parking lot.  Thanks again to our incredible parking teams.

2. I love watching the kids worship God with so much passion and energy, and I especially love watching my daughter, Julia, help lead worship.

  1. I love hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ preached to hundreds of kids, and I know that dozens of kids will put their faith in Jesus for the first time on Thursday night.  I love that lives will be changed for all eternity, and we get to be a part of it.  Thank you Graystone!

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