God answered our prayer for a $2 million miracle!

I shared last Wednesday during Graystone’s Vision Night of Worship that God answered our prayer for a $2 million miracle.  The theme of Vision Night in 2012 (over 4 years ago) was Drawing Circles.  I shared the prayer strategy from Mark Batterson’s book, The Circle Maker, of drawing prayer circles around big, bold prayers.  In fact in 2012, our entire church read Draw the Circle and spent 40 Days in Prayer as a church family.

On Vision Night 2012, we all circled the outside of our Graystone Ozora Campus, which is a miracle in and of itself.  We held hands and formed a prayer circle around our church building.  Then, I climbed up on the roof and with a sound system, led us in prayer for some big, bold prayers.

Graystone-monroeOne of those big, bold prayers was for Graystone to go multisite (We were one campus at the time and completely full in our 2 morning services with around 250 people attending a 3rd service at noon.) and launch our first expansion campus.  We called it Graystone Monroe at the time.  We later changed the name to Graystone Walton, and God has obviously answered that prayer as our Walton Campus is thriving in it’s permanent location on Highway 11 IN MONROE.

2-million-redA second big, bold prayer we drew a circle around on Vision Night 2012 was for a $2 million miracle.  In Batterson’s book, he shared the story of someone writing his church a check for $2 million, and he called it a $2 million miracle.  We decided that night to start trusting God for a $2 million miracle.  The elders of Graystone have been fasting, praying and drawing a circle around this request for over 4 years.

We all thought God would answer this prayer by someone writing Graystone Church a check for $2 million.  In fact, some of the elders have shared with me that they would love to be the one to write the check.  Well, I have never wanted to be the one the write the check, because it would mean that the money was coming from the $2.1 million key man life insurance policy that Graystone has on me.

Anyway (Sorry I am making this so long), if you have not heard the news, Graystone Church recently merged with Connecting Point Church in Bogart, Georgia.  Connecting Point’s name has changed to Graystone Church Oconee Campus and will be the site of our next expansion campus opening later this year.  Connecting Point’s Pastor, Tim Hunter, has joined the Graystone Staff Team as our new Missions and Stewardship Pastor. I will write a short blog tomorrow introducing he and his family.

OutsideConnecting Point Church which is now Graystone Church Oconee Campus is a beautiful, brand new 14,000 square foot building sitting on 10 acres in Bogart, Georgia (Oconee County).  Pastor Tim and Connecting Point Church did an amazing job building this campus with cash, so the property is 100% debt free.  It is a total God story (There are dozens of examples of God orchestrating His perfect plan that I do not have time to get into and hopefully, one day I will have time to share.), and it’s a $2 million miracle.

The 10 acres, building, and furnishings are worth more than $2 million.  God answered our prayer for a $2 million miracle.  And not only that, God has partnered us with a great pastor and church to work together to build His kingdom and DOMINATE our community with the love of Jesus Christ.  Only God!  God still answers prayers, and He is still in the miracle business.  Great is our God and may He have all the glory!

CPC LobbyCPC auditoriumCPC kids room

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