Celebrating Baptisms…Let’s Throw a Party!

Claire's Baptism

I’m proud of the those who were baptized this past Sunday at our Walton Campus, and I’m excited for the many more at both campuses who are crashing the waters of baptism this upcoming Sunday at Graystone Church. BTW, I would like to thank EVERYONE again who gave to the 2015 Christmas offering.  Because of you, we have a new baptistry at our Walton Campus, and we are able to have baptisms on the same day at both campuses.

Baptism is a defining moment in the life of every believer.  Baptism doesn’t save us. Only Jesus saves.   Baptism is the physical representation of our faith, and it’s our opportunity to let our church, friends, family, and the world know that we are true followers of Jesus Christ.  To learn more about baptism, click here to read an article on baptism posted as a resource on the Graystone website.

As one of the pastors at Graystone, I am super excited for everyone getting baptized.  I’m looking forward to not only celebrating with each person getting baptized but also with their family (in some cases, parents), friends, our church family and the angels in Heaven (Luke 15:7).  Let’s throw a party!

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