19 Kinds of People to Avoid

As we are diving into studying the book of 2 Timothy, we are getting a good overview/big picture/context of the book by reading a chapter a day this week (Daily Bible Reading Plan).  In chapter 3, the Apostle Paul warns Pastor Timothy to avoid the following kinds of people:

  • selfish
  • greedy
  • boastful
  • proud
  • abusive
  • disobedient children
  • ungrateful
  • unholy
  • unloving
  • unforgiving
  • slanderous
  • no self-control
  • brutal
  • evil
  • treacherous
  • rash
  • conceited
  • hedonistic
  • self-righteous

If you, your spouse or your kids have these types of people in your lives, it’s best to separate yourselves from them as best you can.  Set good boundaries.  The Apostle Paul instructs us “to have nothing to do with them”.

On the flip side, we need to develop good, healthy friendships.  Do whatever it takes to make “iron sharpening iron” relationships a priority for you and your family.  Spend time with people who are going to spur you on to love and good deeds.

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  1. Thankyou brother for the wonderful mirror! I would add though, that if we read this list and don’t find any of the traits in ourselves, we are most likely one of 3 things: fully perfected, blind to our own faults, or the last item listed: self righteous. I know I’m a sinner, and my sin includes many of the items listed to be avoided. I seek God to wash me of my sins, but how can He cleanse me if I deny the flaws still exist within me? It looks a little paradoxical.. on the one hand we are to try to be like Jesus in every possible way, and He did spend time with prostitutes, tax collectors, gluttons and drunkards, with the Pharisees complaining He would be found with sinners. On the other hand the Word sighted in Timothy does say we should have nothing to do with such. The solution? When Jesus says if anyone would be His disciple, let him take up his cross and deny himself.. “deny” is rendered “forsake” in some translations. We should not deny that we sin, deceiving ourselves, but rather endeavor to deny sin it’s opportunities, and forsake that in our nature which He says have nothing to do with. I need boundaries in my soul… to deny it’s sinful impulses, but not exclusionary outward boundaries that would prevent me from ministering to and loving on sinners. Jesus even said it is not the well who need a physician, but the sick, and He did not come to call the righteous, but sinners. If we would be His servants, we mustn’t hold ourselves as better than those in more obvious sin, but rather receiving the grace God has given us individually, not be afraid to extend that grace to others in need. Where sin abounds, grace abounds much more, and oh how we need His grace more and more in these times!

    On 5/18/16, toliveischrist.cc | Jonathan Howes

      • Thanks Jonathan. So glad you agree. Given we’re on the same page with this, I’d like to ask your advice on something. I have a friend who calls me regularly to discuss his sins. They include womanizing and drunkenness. The drinking he feels very guilty for, and every time he relapses he goes into shame over it. The womanizing though he sees nothing wrong with. He is not what you would call a born again believer, but is interested in Christianity. I’ve told him a few times these activities are sin, but I don’t want to beat him up with it at the risk of hardening his heart to God’s conviction. Hearing about the sin day after day does tempt me though. So it is imperitive I put up some kind of boundary. For now I’m just counting the sex references, and on a third statement I tell him I have to go. I’m thinking I should really be honest with the guy and tell him straight out that it is tempting me and harming my spirit, but what do you think? Any advice you may have I’ll greatfully consider. Thanks again brother.

        btw, sorry if I double posted earlier. First I tried on the page, didn’t see it show up, so pasted my response into the email. didn’t receive a reply back to my email, but did get your response from your posted reply on page. going to page now..

      • Franklin, I think you need to be honest with your friend. Deal ruthlessly with sin and try your best not the put yourselves in situations of obvious temptation. Set proper boundaries and pursue righteousness. I applaud your desire to share Christ with you friend but you do not want to grieve God’s Spirit in you and hinder your relationship with God for the sake of ministry.

      • Yes, I would agree for the most part. Being ruthless with sin is one thing, but being ruthless with sinners is another. I shouldn’t hide the truth of things like this from those who effect me by them, but I don’t want to be without mercy either, since He said in James that judgment would be without mercy to those who fail to show mercy in judgement. I suppose what I need to do is start praying about this issue a lot more, and psych myself up to confront the guy. I don’t want to be a hypocrite though, so really I need to let him know that it is causing me to sin inwardly myself, and not confront him as if I’m better than him not doing the same things outwardly.

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