7 Simple Ways to Help Make Easter at Graystone a Life-changing Experience

Easter At Graystone_email promo

  1.  Pray.  Ask God to change lives and do what only He can do!
  2.  Invite.  Send the text.  Make the call. Knock on your neighbor’s door.  A simple invite could change someone’s life for all eternity.
  3. Park far.  Go ahead and park in overflow parking, so our guests can have the best spots.
  4. Arrive early.  This helps EVERYTHING flow better.
  5. Sit near.  This helps create a better worship experience and makes more room in the service for others, especially our guests arriving “on time”.
  6. Attend *Saturday at 6:00PM or Sunday at 8:00AM (Ozora Campus only). If it works for you, let’s make room in our Sunday AM prime time hours for our guests.  Also, we have Kona Ice on Saturday night and FREE donuts for the Sunday 8:00AM crowd.
  7. Come expectant!  Come expecting God to move!  We are celebrating THE GREATEST EVENT IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD!

Special Creative Element for Easter at Graystone

*EVERYONE at both campuses and in all of our services will be able to participate in a special creative element for Easter but those of you who attend Saturday at 6:00PM will be THE FIRST!

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