Easter = HUGE (Donald Trump voice) Opportunity

Easter 2

Easter Sunday in the 1970’s with my little bro, Jason.

As a kid growing up in South Mississippi (BTW, I struck out Brett Favre in Little League All Stars.), our family ALWAYS went to church on Easter Sunday.  It was one of our family traditions, and I loved it.  I have fond childhood memories of Easter egg hunts with real hard-boiled colored eggs, an Easter basket with a solid chocolate bunny, and a brand new Easter outfit to wear to church.

Easter is one of those Sundays where almost EVERYONE is open to going to church.  The number one reason people do not go to church is because no one invites them.  Who are the people in your sphere of influence (workplace, neighborhood, ball park, kids’ school, gym, etc.) who do not have a church home?  I want to encourage you to write their name down right now.  Draw a prayer circle around it.  And take a small step of faith by inviting them to church.

It would be even better if you could bring them with you (And I would suggest buying them brunch, lunch or dinner.).  The video below might give you the motivation you need to invite someone to church.  Enjoy.


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