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Over 50% of the giving at Graystone Church is given online.  We would like to see that number increase to over 70%.  Regular, online automated giving helps tremendously for our planning purposes as we strive to be good stewards of God’s resources entrusted to us. Thank you so much to EVERYONE who gives to the ministries of Graystone Church!

One of the reasons that people do not give online is they like to give in the actual Sunday service as an act of worship.  So, in order to encourage more online giving while still giving people an opportunity to participate in worship during the offering on Sundays at Graystone, we have created the I GAVE ONLINE Card.  If you gave online, you simply place the card in the offering bucket on Sundays just like you would an offering envelope.  There is not need to write your name on the card or any information, because it is already in your records through giving online.  The I GAVE ONLINE Card is simply for your own personal worship experience.

Jennifer and I have given online for years.  Our tithe and offering automatically comes out of our checking account on the 1st and 15th of every month. We give God our first and our best.  So, I haven’t participated in the offering during the service in years, except for special offerings when I write a check (I.e. Christmas Offering).  This past Sunday, it was meaningful for me to place the I GAVE ONLINE Card in the offering bucket during the worship service.

So, I hope you will consider setting up online, automated giving through our Graystone website.  You can do it by clicking here.  It is fast, safe and secure.  And I hope you find the I GAVE ONLINE Card a meaningful worship experience on Sundays during the service.

Thank you again for giving to Graystone Church and partnering with us to DOMINATE our community with the love of Jesus Christ.

Here’s a video explaining more about Online Giving:


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