The End: A Study Through the Book of Revelation

On February 14, we will begin a brand new message series, The End: A Study through the Book of Revelation, at Graystone Church.  Last year, when we conducted a church-wide survey, an overwhelming number of people requested we do a message series on the book of Revelation.  We prayed about it, and God is leading us to do it.

Revelation is a challenging book to understand because it is written in Jewish apocalyptic literature which uses figurative language and symbolism. The book unveils the truth about Jesus Christ and gives us a glimpse of Heaven and the things to come.  Many people think its a scary book (I.e. promo video above), but it is actually written to bring hope and comfort to those who truly know Jesus Christ.

We will read the book of Revelation together in our Daily Bible Reading which will begin on Monday, February 8.  I will post the reading plan on the blog.  BTW, we are blessed simply by reading the book of Revelation (Revelation 1:3). We will talk about it on Sundays at Graystone and discuss it on our small groups.

I hope you are ready to dive in and dig deep.  This is a phenomenal message series to invite a friend.  After studying the book of Revelation, EVERYONE will definitely want to make sure they are on the right team.  In the end, Jesus wins!


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