Let’s celebrate changed lives!



Children’s Pastor Lea McCart baptizing her daughter, Marlea.

12 people crashed the waters of baptism yesterday at Graystone Church. PRAISE GOD!  Here are a few snapshots of their stories:

  • A sweet girl adopted from Russia was baptized yesterday.
  • Her father was baptized right before her and then assisted her mom in her baptism.
  • An adult daughter was baptized whose mother along with her mom’s small group has been praying for her for 5 years.  She is now 2 years “clean” and has recently committed her life to Christ.
  • Then, her son was baptized right after her.  He became a Christian at Good News Club and his grandmother and her small group have also been praying for him. Never underestimate the power of a praying mom and grandmom.
  • An unchurched teenage girl who was brought to church by her older college-age brother was baptized.  She accepted Christ recently at Graystone.
  • 2 Graystone staff kids (Cohen Hale and Marlea McCart) were baptized yesterday with several friends and family in attendance.  There were not many dry eyes at either campus.  My daughter, Jessie, said she was “happy crying” when Cohen was baptized.
  • An elementary-age boy was spontaneously baptized after seeing his friend baptized.  He became a Christian last summer at Sports Camp.  His older brother came down front with him.
  • 2 siblings from one of our long-time faithful Graystone families were baptized yesterday.
  • And 2 ladies at two separate Graystone campuses who both recently made life-changing decisions were baptized.

Seeing God change people’s lives for all eternity is what it’s all about.  I am so thankful that we get to play a small part of it.  Let’s celebrate together!


Worship Pastor Kyle Hale baptizing his son, Cohen.

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