Help Us Help You


I shared with Graystone Church on Sunday, August 9, that the messages are for YOU.  And I challenged EVERYONE to bring his/her Bible (old school or digital) and take notes.  Well, the staff has been incredibly encouraged to hear all the Bible pages turning on Sundays at Graystone.  EVERYONE is digging deep, taking notes, and hopefully, FEEDING on God’s word.

I also want YOU to know that the entire Sunday worship service/experience is for YOU.  And in order to make our Graystone Sunday experiences even better, we are having our first ever church-wide survey.  It will take place this Sunday during all the worship services.  So I REALLY want to encourage you to be at Graystone and make your opinion count.

We are asking questions such as:

  • What would you like to hear messages on?
  • Would you like to sing less songs or more songs?
  • Is parking a challenge?
  • How is the children’s check in experience?
  • When we add a 3rd service time, what is the best time for you?

Some of the questions will be short multiple choice and others will be open-ended.  This is your opportunity to share with us whatever you would like.  The surveys will be anonymous, so we hope to get good, honest feedback.

Please make it a priority to be at Graystone on Sunday, so you can help us help you.  The best is yet to come!



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