7 Things I Want Graystone To Know

  1. God used Jennifer’s message (You can watch it here.) and Beth Still’s story to change at least ONE life for all eternity. You can read her story here. PRAISE GOD!
  2. This Sunday we will have our first baptisms in the new Graystone Walton building.  PRAISE GOD.  ONE of the people getting baptized is the person mentioned in #1 above.  I’m super proud of all those going public with their faith and crashing the waters of baptism at our Walton Campus.
  3. This Sunday is the finale of The Good Life series.  I will be sharing the secret to BEING RICH and truly living THE GOOD LIFE. Also, it will be ANOTHER tear jerker (not that I am a crier or anything).
  4. We are doing something on Sunday, September 27, that we have never done in the history of Graystone Church. We need everyone present at church who considers Graystone his/her church home.  Your attendance and participation will be of great value and help to us.  BTW, we are not trying to set a Guinness World Records or anything.  But you do want participate.
  5. Jersey Day is Sunday, October 11.  As always, we are planning an over the top experience and festivities after each service.  The point of Jersey Day is to use the event to reach out to your friends and family, specifically the people on your or your kid’s ball team.  You can read more about why we do it here: “What do we have Jersey Day at Graystone Church?”
  6. Fall Carnival is Sunday, October 25th, around 5:00PMish.  Mark your calendars.
  7.  We’re having Night of Worship on Wednesday, November 4, at 7PM at the Ozora Campus.  Both campuses will come together to worship God and celebrate all He is doing in and through Graystone.  All student ministries and Wednesday night small groups will be joining in the N.O.W.

Jersey Day 2015_back

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