Monday Morning Download: FLASH FLOOD WARNING, Parking Teams, Walton Tribune Article, Party in the Park, The Good Life (Part 2)

Party in the Park reminded me of the Stone Mountain lawn for a laser show.

Party in the Park reminded me of the Stone Mountain lawn full of people for a laser show.

Yesterday, we were in a FLASH FLODD WARNING (at least that’s what my phone said at 2AM…The alert scared the living daylights out of me.). Roads were closed and several people were without power.  The church buildings were leaking, but as always, our incredible team of staff and volunteers pulled together and made it happen.  I would like to give a huge SHOUT OUT to our Graystone Parking Teams who were parking cars in the middle of a monsoon. You guys are the best and are greatly appreciated.

In spite of the rain, we had another great Sunday at both campuses.  The worship was simple but supernatural.  We do worship a “Good, Good Father”.  I loved hearing the small group testimonies (I’ll post those in my next blog post), and EVERYONE seemed excited about the kickoff of small groups (You can sign up online here).

In my message, we viewed the cross from a different perspective…that of Jesus’ close family and friends who were NEAR THE CROSS (John 19:25). And at the end of the day, THE GOOD LIFE is all about relationships, our relationship with God and our relationship with our close friends and family.  I hope EVERYONE can develop the kind of close friendships that Jesus had with his small group (disciples).  True friends lay their lives down for one another.  And true friends walk with each other through difficult times.  Well, I could go on for days, but I think most of you heard the message yesterday.  If not, it will be up on the Graystone website on Tuesday.

One more note, the Walton Tribune wrote a great article on the grand opening of our Walton Campus.  You can read it by clicking here.  If you get a chance, please show the Walton Tribune a little love.

Oh, and the Party in the Park was incredible!  The Grayson Mayor said it was one the best events they have ever had in the city of Grayson.  Kyle/Zach/Ryan and the Band did an incredible job!  A huge THANK YOU to all the Graystone Students who served at the bounce houses.  Also, Heath is the one who planned and organized the Party in the Park.  So he deserves a big side huge from the ladies and a “good game” from the guys the next time you see him.  Heath is the man!

I love our team.  It’s an honor to do life and ministry with our Graystone family.  Happy Monday everyone!


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