Bibles For Sale

UnknownI was super encouraged last Sunday of the amount of people who brought their Bibles to church.  There was so much noise in the service of people turning their Bible pages that I actually saw several people looking around at all the Bibles.  Your response to my “Feed and Fish” message has inspired me to work even harder in my sermon prep each week.

I wanted you to know that we ordered a few cases of NIV (New International Version) Bibles, which is the version that I use on Sundays during my messages.  They will be on sale this Sunday at Graystone for $5.  So, if you need a good Bible, a new Bible or would like to use the translation we use on Sundays, you can pick one up on Sunday.  If you do not have $5, grab one anyway, and we will take it out of our “Pens Ministry Account”.

Keep bringing your Bibles.  Keep taking notes.  Keep growing to become a self-feeder of God’s word.

When your words came, I ate them; they were my joy and my heart’s delight,” Jeremiah 15:16a


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