7 Ways to Honor Your Dad


EVERYONE knows that Dad doesn’t want a tie for Father’s Day.  Dads, you want to make sure your kids are at Graystone Church on Sunday because I am going to tell them what you want.  And I’m not simply going to tell them what you want for Father’s day but what you want for the rest of your life and theirs.  I am sharing a message, 7 Ways to Honor Your Dad.  The message is based on Biblical truth (obviously) and what I want as a dad from my kids (I have 18 years experience of being a dad.)  So, if you have a dad, this will be a challenging, practical message for YOU.

So dads, you don’t want to miss Father’s Day at Graystone Church and you certainly do not want your kids to miss it.  If this sounds like an advertisement for Father’s Day at Graystone, it is.  I want YOU there.  The band is putting together a classic rock n roll montage geared for dads.  We will have manly competitions (for those who want to participate).  And we will have FREE Krispy Kreme donuts for EVERYONE.  It should be a fun, challenging Sunday at Graystone Church.  I hope you can make it!

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