5AM Prayer, Spiritual Gifts Test, and Uncle Julio’s

Friday Prayer

With less than 2 days notice, we had around 24 people respond to A Call to Pray last Friday at 5AM.  We will continue to PRAY TOGETHER on Friday mornings at 5AM at Graystone Church.  EVERYONE is invited.

Yesterday was week 3 of our message series on THE CHURCH. I shared that God has gifted EVERY Christian with at least one spiritual gift, and most Christians have a combination of gifts.  I was encouraged that almost 200 people picked up copies of the Spiritual Gifts Test.  Click here to download a PDF of the Spiritual Gifts Test.  I look forward to hearing about everyone’s gifts and where God is leading you to EXERCISE your gifts.

THANK YOU to the Graystone Church member who gave Jennifer and I a gift card to Uncle Julio’s yesterday.  I would guess that you have the spiritual gift of giving and/or the gift of encouragement.  I feel encouraged and built up in love (Ephesians 4:16).

Please check the blog daily this week as I will be updating with short/quick post.


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