Use Summer to Accelerate Your Spiritual Growth

Julia TeeBall All Stars

Julia TeeBall All Stars

I’ve been a Christian now for 29 years (I’m getting old but that another story for another day.) and the summer months have been some of the best seasons for my personal spiritual growth.  When I was a college student and on staff with Campus Outreach, I spent 10 summers on 9-10 week training projects (7 Summer Beach Projects and 3 Cross Cultural Projects).

Summers are a great time for increased spiritual growth because “we” are out of school.  Now, I realize that that most adults don’t have school.  But during the school year we have to pack lunches, help with homework, and shuttle the kids to all their activities.  BTW, Jennifer does most of the homework help in our family.  I’m pretty sure she maintained an A/B average this year in the 11th grade.  Also, without our kids in school, there should be far fewer extracurricular activities.  Unless, of course, you are one of those parents who is just a glutton for punishment (I.e. “Let’s spend the entire month of June playing TeeBall All Stars”…been there, done that and have SEVERAL T-shirts to prove it).

Well, whatever your summer holds, I want to encourage you to use it to invest in your personal spiritual growth.  At Graystone we will spend two summer message series focused on “equipping the saints”.  I will be teaching a series beginning this Sunday that will go through July 5 on THE CHURCH (BTW, our Holiday Pastor will teach the last week of the series 😉 ).  We will answer questions such as “What is the church?”, “Why do you need the church?”, “Why does the church need you?”, “Why do we go to church?”, etc.  Then, we will do a series in July on Missional Living.

In addition to our message series focused on “equipping the saints”, we will read/study the Book of Acts together.  Yes, we are bringing back SBP: Summer Bible Project, and we will go deep into the book of Acts.  Both message series, THE CHURCH and Missional Living, will tie together nicely with the book of Acts.

We will kick it all off this Sunday at Graystone Church.  I hope you can make it.  And I hope you will not take the summer off spiritually, but you will use your summer to accelerate your personal spiritual growth.  Let’s get on it dog gone it!

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