Graystone’s New Ozora Campus Pastor

Nate and Jenn Rector

Nate and Jenn Rector

Nate Rector is our new Graystone Ozora Campus Pastor.  Nate has served faithfully on staff at Graystone for 5 years and has been willing to do whatever we’ve asked.  He first came on staff as our Middle School Pastor and has done everything from hosting student all-nighters to leading mission trips to preaching on Sundays.

Nate will continue with his current roles of hosting the 5PM service, leading our Ozora Small Groups Ministry and preaching/teaching 6-8 times a year.  His increased responsibilities will include leading the Ozora Staff Team, following up first-time visitors and growing the membership of our Ozora Campus.

As you can see, Nate is growing in his leadership and ministry responsibilities, and I’m super proud of him.  When you see him, please congratulate and encourage him.  And let’s keep praying for Nate and all our incredible, hardworking staff.  And some people think that pastors only work on Sundays. SMH.

So with Graystone’s multisite strategy (You can watch the Multisite video here.), every campus will have a campus pastor and staff team.  Nate is the campus pastor for our Ozora Campus.  Alan Smith is the campus pastor for our Walton Campus.  And Ben Presten is the campus pastor for our Oconee Campus.  Our Oconee Campus is officially launching in January 2016, but we are already having get-togethers (I.e. There is a cookout/picnic this Sunday.) and meeting in homes for small group.

Jennifer and I will continue to do what we have always done as the founding pastors.  I will keep leading, teaching/preaching, and casting vision. Jennifer and I, along with Barry Lusk, our Executive Pastor, will serve ALL of Graystone Church (I.e. Described as the Central Leadership Team on the Multisite video.  Barry will lead the campus pastors, and they will lead their campuses and staff teams

So, I hope all of this is as clear as mud.  The main reason for this post is to celebrate Nate’s BIG promotion.  So, when you see him, please give him a side hug (if you are a female), a high five or a pat on the bottom (If you are an athletic male and you feel comfortable enough with Nate to greet him in this manner).  If you are uncomfortable with any of the above suggested greetings, simply tell Nate, “Congrats!” or avoid talking with him altogether.

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