A Story of Life Change


I had the opportunity today to meet with a young couple who has been coming to Graystone for a little over 1 year.  The wife said that she was a -3 on her Spiritual Journey when she first started coming to Graystone.  (I shared the Spiritual Journey Diagram is last Sunday message at Graystone.  You can watch it here.)  The husband grew up in church, and he said he was a 3.5 on his Spiritual Journey.

This young couple is in one of Jennifer’s small groups, and she has been sharing God’s word with them and answering their spiritual questions. A few weeks ago the wife asked Jennifer how she would know if she was good enough to accept Christ.  Jennifer shared with her about God’s grace and the gospel of Jesus Christ.  At the Night of Worship (which was incredible BTW), as the wife was singing worship songs, tears began to run down her face.  She realized all that God had done for her and in that moment she completely surrendered her life to Christ.  She shared with Jennifer and their small group that the Night of Worship was her Defining Moment.  In a little over 1 year through experiencing God’s love and grace at Graystone (She has perfect Sunday attendance BTW.), she has moved from a -3 to a 4 (a brand new Christian) on her Spiritual Journey.

And today with his wife by his side, the husband prayed out loud in my office to commit his life to Jesus Christ.  Today was his Defining Moment.  This young couple’s lives have been changed for all eternity, and they are praying about getting baptized together on Sunday, March 27.  PRAISE GOD!

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  1. Wow, if God can bring someone from a negative 3 (holding up a “Keep Out Sign”) to accepting Christ in a year, what can he do with you!!!! Think about it.

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