New message series, #death2selfie, begins Sunday at Graystone


This Sunday at Graystone Church we begin a brand new message series, #death2selfie.  It will be fun series focused on spiritual growth. We will discuss dying to ourselves (not a popular topic in our culture), so we can grow closer to Christ, become more like Christ and have a greater impact for Christ.

We’re asking everyone on social media to help us promote the new series.  ZachYou can write a Facebook post or tweet using the hashtag: #death2selfie (If you don’t know how to use a hashtag, we will be showing an instructional video in week 2 of the series.).  You can post a picture on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Whateva like this one of Zach with #death2selfie written on a piece of paper covering part of your face.  You can change your profile picture to the series logo (above).  Or you can use your creative social media prowess however you deem appropriate.

Thanks for helping us get the word out.  We’re looking forward to sharing the new series with you and your friends/neighbors/coworkers/family.

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