God is moving across our Graystone campuses.

This past week, we had over 150 kids hear the gospel at our Good News Clubs at Grayson and Cooper Elementary.  We know of at least 2 kids who prayed to receive Christ.  PRAISE GOD! We had over 30 adults at our Newcomers Lunch, and 5 of them committed their lives to Jesus Christ for the first time.  PRAISE GOD! I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback from Football Sunday at Graystone Church.  We had over 15 people indicate on their communication cards that they are “Praying for Clarity”.  I have been specifically praying for each of these people by name. I am also praying for the “anonymous” ones. Here’s a version of the Football Sunday video we showed last Sunday: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pWX56pqNM8&feature=youtu.be

Walton Campus

The walls at Graystone Walton are going up.  We should be done with all of the framing this week. Praise God for continued progress. IMG_2280

Oconee Campus

Graystone Oconee is launching 3 small groups this month, and we will have our first “Worship Cafe” on Sunday, March 22 at 6:00PM.  The Worship Cafe will be a stripped down version of a typical Graystone Sunday service and will meet monthly. It will be a opportunity for our growing core team to worship together and build relationships. After a few months the Worship Cafe will move to meeting weekly.  We will spend the next 6 months ramping up for the pubic launch of Graystone Oconee on August 16.  It’s going to be exciting!

Ozora Campus

We talked with 2 first-time visitors on the phone this week who loved the VIP parking.  Being able to park close to the building makes it much easier for a first-time guest to be welcomed to Graystone, get their kids checked into the kids area and find a seat in the auditorium before the service starts. THANK YOU to the 40+ Graystoners who are parking on the football/soccer field. We are in the process of meeting with a civil engineer and drawing up plans to add a second entrance and adding many more paved parking spaces.  As most of you know, there are all kinds of rules and requirements with Gwinnett County (so many yards of sight lines, detention ponds, decal lanes, etc.), so it’s a work in progress.  We hope to permit the 2nd entrance and parking lot with the addition of the new student and children’s building.  Keep praying that we can get connected to sewer because that is the linchpin to any further development of our Ozora Campus. FullSizeRender

Finale of Parental Guidance

This Sunday is the finale of our Parental Guidance message series.  We will be talking about the all important topic of How to Discipline Our Kids.  The band is putting together a pretty incredible song that will be both hilarious and on point. You do not want to miss it.  We wish we could post our music online, but we can’t at this point in the ball game.  So hopefully, you can make it on Sunday.  And don’t forget about our 5PM service at Graystone Ozora.

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