5 Reasons for the 5PM Service at Graystone Church


This Sunday, January 11, at our Graystone Church Ozora Campus we are starting a brand new 5PM service.  There are many reasons we feel led by God to start this new service.  Here are 5:

5. Over and over again as I have met people in our community and invited them to church, they have said that they would love to come, but they have to work on Sunday mornings.  So, Sundays at 5PM gives those people who have to work on Sunday mornings an opportunity to attend later in the day.  It’s also good for those who don’t have to work every Sunday but are on a scheduled rotation (I.e. fire fighters, police officers, medical personnel, etc.)

4. Many people have told me that Sunday is their only morning to sleep in.  They have to get up early for work during the week and their Saturdays are slammed with kids activities.  Sunday morning is their only day to chill.  Now, they can relax on Sunday morning and bring the entire family to church on Sunday at 5PM.

3.  Sunday at 5PM will be a great option for those families who play travel sports on Sunday mornings.  If their tournament schedules a game/match for Sunday morning, they still have an opportunity to come on Sunday night.  This is also a good time slot for those families who spend the weekend at the lake.  They now have the option to make it back in town for the 5PM service, if they want to. This new time slot gives people more options.  Most people like more options.

2. Sunday at 5PM gives us an opportunity to make more room on Sunday mornings for new people.  Our services are pretty full on Sunday mornings, especially the kids area (which is why we are building a new student and children’s building) and the parking lot (oh, and we are adding more parking too).  If you are a regular Graystoner and you can come on Sundays at 5PM, this will help us create space on Sunday mornings for more people, which leads me to the main reason we are starting a 5PM service.

1.  The #1 reason we are starting a 5PM service is to reach more people for Jesus.

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