2nd Update from Brazil: Orphanage and Christmas Boxes

Heath giving Christmas box to Matheus

Heath giving Christmas box to Matheus

Last night was really special as we were able to visit the orphanage in Curitiba, Brazil.  We first got a tour from Henan, the Director of the Orphanage.  There are currently 40 kids living in the orphanage with 10 kids per house.  Each house is one half of a two story duplex.  The bottom floor has the living room, kitchen, laundry room and House Mom’s Room.  The upstairs has two bedrooms each with an adjoining bathroom with 5 children in each room.  Similar age kids live together in the different houses (I.e. one house had 10 children under 5 years old.)

We had a short program for the kids with games, worship, a brief message, and then, Heath gave out the Christmas boxes.  We have a picture of each child who received a Christmas box, so we will get those to you.  Also, each child wrote a thank you note/colored a picture for the person who gave them a gift along with a picture of themselves.  So, Heath will have these for all the folks who gave Christmas boxes.

I’m getting a little teary-eyed (not that I am a crier) writing this but each child was precious, and they were all very grateful for their presents.  The younger kids opened theirs immediately and began playing with the toys. The older kids wanted to wait until they got back to their rooms to open the gifts by themselves.  But I could tell by the smiles on their faces and their sincere gratitude that they were really excited to receive the presents.

We played with the kids for a couple of hours and left the orphanage around 9:00PM.  All the kids (except the new ones) remembered our team from this summer and asked if Graystone was coming back.  We told them that we had teams coming in June and July.  They were excited!

During my message, I shared with the kids that God is the one who gives gifts (James 1:17) and He, our Heavenly Father, uses His people to give them.  Thank you Graystone for being a channel of blessing to others.

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