First Update From Brazil

IMG_1613Heath and I made it to Curitiba Monday afternoon.  Wojtczak was not able to get his visa or make the trip.  Bummer.  We spent yesterday afternoon/evening getting to know the Dunn family and touring their Refugio Camp. The camp which is also where they live is outside of town, on mountain, and is 110 acres.  It was given to them a few years ago which was a major reason they felt God leading them to serve full-time as missionaries in Brazil. Refugio Camp can hold up to 60 campers and is used to minister to kids, orphanages and churches.  It would be similar to a camp in the states but a lot more rustic.  Jim and Mary Jane Dunn along with 6 of their kids, live in a house at the camp. They are DEFINITELY roughing it for Jesus.  There is no HVAC, no TV, no internet, and they share one bathroom.  RIGHT NOW, they only have one hatchback car and two motorcycles for transportation. They are very grateful and thankful for all God has done in their lives and God is using them in a powerful way.  We are about to head to the orphanage to deliver the Christmas boxes.  There are 40 kids (age 1-18) at this orphanage and all 40 of them are sponsored by Graystone families.  Please pray for me as I will be sharing the gospel with the kids and others who are coming to this special Christmas party. We will try and take pictures and videos of the kids receiving their Christmas boxes/presents.  Thank you so much to each of you who packed/donated a box.  We will give the BIG SURPRISE GIFT tomorrow as well as visit one of the street ministries. Tchau!



Camp open air auditoirum

Camp open air auditorium

Internet Cafe at base of mountain.  Internet did NOT work.

Internet Cafe at base of mountain. Internet did NOT work.

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