Friday 5: Prayer Requests/Trust Gods for Graystone

Here are 5 things you can be praying and trusting God for as Graystone Church moves forward on mission for God:

1. Pray for the 40,000 mailers we sent out this week inviting people to Home for Christmas at Graystone Church.  Pray that God uses them to draw people to church this Christmas and even in the New Year.  More importantly, please pray for God to draw people to HIMSELF.

2.  Trust God for over $200,000 to be given in this year’s Christmas Offering.  The year’s special end of the year offering will go towards 3 incredible projects that will impact others for Christ in our community and in Brazil.  We’ve already had over $30,000 given to the Christmas Offering, so we are off to a good start.  Let’s continue to trust God to do what only He can do.

3. Please pray for Heath Hollandsworth, Justin Wojtczak and myself as we fly down to Curitiba, Brazil on Sunday night. We will be delivering the Christmas shoeboxes to the orphans and hopefully, surprising the Dunn family with a large check for a brand new 12 passenger van.  We are due back on Thursday morning, so it’s a quick trip.  Please pray for God to use us in a powerful way.

4.  Please pray for the City of Monroe to approve our plans for the renovations of the Walton Campus building.  We are still waiting on a building permit to begin construction.  We’ve had to make several changes to the plans, so let’s pray that this is the final construction document.

5.  Please pray for an easement from Ozora Lakes neighborhood for us to connect to sewer. We are currently maxed out on our septic system, so in order to add the new Student and Children’s Building, we have to get connected to sewer.  We have been working on this for a few years.  Recently, a new owner has bought the neighborhood and is about to develop Phase 2, so it looks like the timing perfect. Please pray for God to work out all the details with the developer and county.

Christmas at Graystone 2014_front_

Christmas at Graystone 2014_back

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