Lea McCart joins the Graystone Staff Team


I’m happy to announce that Lea McCart has officially joined the Graystone Staff Team.  Lea will serve as our Children’s Pastor for our new 5PM service beginning on Sunday, January 11.  She will be responsible for recruiting and training volunteers for the 5PM service as well as other duties in our Children’s Ministry.

Lea and her husband, Kelly (cool dude), have been members of Graystone for a few years and have 4 beautiful children: Madison (12th grade), Mason (7th grade), Jack (3rd grade) and Marlee (kindergarten).  Lea is also a teacher at Grayson High School where she has been keeping an eye on Joelan and Julia.  I have eyes everywhere. 😉

We cannot wait to see all God does in and through Lea’s life as she takes on this new ministry role.  Please pray for Lea and her family and let her know how excited you are to have her join the Graystone Staff Team.  The best is yet to come!

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