Graystone SERVES

This past Sunday our whole church participated in Graystone SERVES. Instead of meeting for our regular worship services, we went out to serve our community through various projects. It was a great way go outside the walls and BE the church in our city.

Thank you to everyone who participated! Here is a list of where we served and some feedback from them:

Schools: Archer HS, Atha Road ES, Bay Creek MS, Cooper ES, Grayson ES, Loganville MS, Lovin ES, McConnell MS, Sharon ES, Starling ES, Trip ES

Parks: Bay Creek Park, Blue Springs Park, Harbins Park, Tribble Mill Park

Other: City of Grayson, Path Project, Organizing Foster Care Supplies, Care Packages for Policemen/Firemen and City of Loganville

“I have had numerous people come up to my office to say thank you for making our campus look so beautiful.  They also said that it was neat that our church helped in the community.”

“I was very impressed with the amount of volunteers that came on Sunday!  Thanks for your interest in our school and community! You guys make a difference in Grayson!!!!!!!”

“I am so grateful!!!!  The group was amazing.  They worked so hard the entire time and we got so much done.  They did in a couple hours what would have taken me months to accomplish!!!!  I think the idea of a “Day of Service” is fantastic and truly shows your faith in action!  Thank you, Thank you”


photo 5

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