Friday 5: Things You Need To Know About Graystone’s 10 Year Celebration

1.  Graystone’s 10 Year Anniversary Celebration begins this Sunday, October 19, but it will actually be a 6 week message series, 10 Years: The Best is Yet to Come!

2.  Each week of the 10 Year Celebration we will feature something(s) special about Graystone.  This week ONE of  the creative elements will be the Top 10 Feature Songs of Graystone Church as voted on by Graystoners on social media.  Parts of all the Top 10 songs will be included in a “mash up” and will be at the beginning of the service.  So, if you like music, then you do not want to be late. The top 3 songs I requested/voted for are My Hero (Foo Fighters), Sweet Child O’ Mine (GNR) and Bring Me To Life (Evanescence).

3. On Wednesday, November 5, we will have a Night for Worship for both campuses at 7PM at our Ozora Campus.  This will be our HUGE 10 Year Celebration Party.  This is where our Graystone family will come together to share all that God has done and worship Him.  It will be a fun night with cake, decorations, drinks, and whatever else our party planners decide to do.  The evening is an open invitation to ANYONE and EVERYONE who considers Graystone their church home.

4.  On Sunday, November 9, we will have Graystone Serves.  This is an event where we replace our normal Sunday church services and go out and serve the community.  Reaching out and serving our community is a big part of Graystone, so we thought it would be appropriate to host a Graystone Serves during our 10 Year Celebration.  There will be more details on Graystone Serves in the next few weeks and EVERYONE (families included) will have work projects to sign up for.

5. Throughout the 6 week 10 Year Celebration we will be sharing our vision for the next 10 years and specially for 2015.  We have some big news to share for both campuses, and we will be starting our 3rd campus in 2015.  I will be sharing more details on this in the next couple of weeks.  We will share the location of the new expansion campus and the new campus pastor.

One of the biggest things I want EVERYONE to get from our 10 Year Celebration is THE BEST IS YET TO COME!  We are thankful for our past and we will celebrate all GOD HAS DONE, but we are just getting started.  If you are on the Graystone Bus, buckle up your seat belt, because the next 10 years are going to be a crazy, fun, wild ride (huge steps of faith).

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