A Pastor’s Confession

I have a pastoral confession to make.  Sometimes, many times, God will lead me to preach a sermon for myself.  This past Sunday’s message was for me.

After battling pancreatic cancer for over a year, my Aunt Sissy slipped into Heaven on Monday.  We have been praying for over a year for God to do a miracle in her life and heal her.  As the song we sang Sunday says, she is now “healed and whole” in Heaven.  There are some things in life that we do not know why they happen. There are some things in life that cannot be undone or unstuck.  That is why we need to have an eternal perspective.  We need to see things as God sees them.

My Aunt Sissy is in Heaven.  She will be greatly missed here on earth.  We will be reunited with her soon as we will with our other loved ones who knew Jesus.  God used Aunt Sissy’s life, as he used Joseph’s life, for the saving of many lives.  I trust that God’s will is good, pleasing and perfect.

I am sad that Aunt Sissy never made it physically to Graystone Church.  But she was a big part of Graystone Church from the beginning. In the early days when we first started the church, financially supporters gave to help launch Graystone and get us off the ground.  I asked all the supporters to give for 18 months and then hopefully, Graystone would be self-supporting.  My Aunt Sissy was an original supporter of Graystone. And when the 18 month commitment ended, she never stopped giving.  Every month for the past 10 years, she has faithfully given to support the ministry of Graystone Church.

Over the last 10 years, hundreds of people have committed their lives to Jesus Christ and/or been baptized.  Through my Aunt Sissy’s generosity she was a part of those lives being changed for all eternity. Maybe God used her to change your life.  Maybe God used her to change one of your kids’ lives.

I am kind of rambling now.  But I wanted you to know that God used last Sunday’s message to speak truth into my life and begin to heal my heart.  Maybe you are going through a difficult time. Maybe something has happened in your life that cannot be unstuck.  Let me remind you that God is eternal.  And he created us to live for all eternity.  Those of us who know Jesus will spend eternity in Heaven with God…unstuck forever.  There will be no more crying, pain, disabilities, cancer, suffering or death.  I personally cannot wait.  Let’s set our hearts and minds on the things above…not on earthly things.

Here’s the link to last Sunday’s message if you would like to watch it:


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  1. So sorry for your loss Jonathan. Your message on Sunday touched me in a way I didn’t expect. It was important. It was very powerful. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Jonathan, I am so sorry for your loss!!! We rejoice that she is living with our Father in all eternity!! I know you will miss her dearly, but Praise God she is no longer in pain and sick. Your message Sunday impacted me beyond words. I cried through the entire service, it was healing for me. Thank you for all you do for your people at Graystone!!!!

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