Graystone at the Big Grayson vs Archer Football Game

Jessie Cheerleading

Our Grayson Ram Cheerleader with the Archer Tiger. (Not sure who that is photobombing the pic?)



This Friday night, Graystone Church will be joining the bulk of our Grayson and Archer communities for the HUGE FOOTBALL GAME at Archer High School. Grayson and Archer are two of the best 6A teams in the state, and there will be several D1 prospects on both sides of the ball.  There will be many college coaches and scouts in the stands.  Many coaches and players for both teams are faithful members of Graystone Church.  We will be a house divided.  I will wear a Graystone T-shirt and sit/stand in a neutral position in the stadium.  Over the years, I have served as team chaplain for both teams.

Graystone Church will be sponsoring the game.  We will be throwing Graystone footballs into the stands during the 2nd quarter. And thousands of people in our community will be invited over the loud speaker to Graystone Church where “We are not perfect.  And we do not expect you to be.”  

Our Graystone Kids will be tailgating before the game beginning at 5;30PM.  We will be set up in the grassy area across from the main entrance of the Archer stadium.  We will have FREE Chick-Fil-A for those who come to the tailgate.  If you are able to make it out to the BIG GAME, please come by our tailgate and say hello, hang out, toss the football with me, etc.  And let’s pray for God to use the night for something much BIGGER than winning or losing a football game.

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