Save the Dates

Yesterday was one of my favorite days at Graystone Church in a long time.  More than one couple told me they were getting rid of cable.  Ha!  And more than one couple told me they were NOT getting rid of cable.  And my teenagers were mad at me for sharing TMI and said it was incredibly awkward.

The Stuck series has been a good one, and you definitely do not want to miss the grand finale this Sunday.  There is a phenomenal ending to the story of Joseph.  This would be a good Sunday to bring a friend or family member.

Here are some other good Sundays to invite a friend.  You might want to mark these down on your calendar.

Save the Dates:

1. Sunday, September 28… Jersey Day

2. Sunday, October 19…….. Graystone’s 10 Year Anniversary Celebration

3. Sunday, November 9…… *iServe

*In lieu of our regular worship services, we will serve our community with dozens of work projects.

Jersey Day card_front

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  1. About 5 years ago, the Sportsmen did a study on Joseph. I wish I had sat through a serman series like Stuck prior to studying the book we studied. I have gotten so much more out I this series than the study that we did.

    Great sermon yesterday! I love the Joseph story and like putting it to use in my own life. Look forward to next week!

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