Special Kneads & Treats was featured on NBC’s Today Show


I’m so proud of Michael and Tempa Kohler.  They quit their jobs, invested their savings, stepped out in faith and pursued God’s call on their lives to start Special Kneads & Treats, a non-profit bakery that employs adults with special needs.  I talk/preach all the time at Graystone about finding your unique calling in life and doing what it is that God has uniquely gifted you to do.

Michael and Tempa are doing just that.  They are doing what nobody else in the world can do.  There have been many trials and HUGE steps of faith along the way, and God is using them to change dozens of lives for all eternity.  They were recently featured on NBC’s Today Show.  As I watched the piece, I had tears in my eyes (not that I am a crier) and several thoughts ran through my mind.  Here are 5:

1.  Wow!  They are investing their time, money and lives into something that really matters…people/the souls of men and women.

2.  I hope and pray this national attention leads to major donors to support their ministry.  They have risked it all to start Special Kneads and Treats, and it would be great if they could get some strong financial backing.

3.  Maybe this will lead to hundreds of non-profits being started all over the US to employ special needs adults.

4.  It’s an honor for me to be friends with Michael and Tempa Kohler and serve as their pastor.  They are amazing people.  They are the kind of people who help make Graystone “the greatest place on earth”.

5.  Bradley is such a HUGE, special part of Graystone Church.  He encourages all of us to worship and serve God with more passion and energy.  He is a gift from Heaven.

Here’s the link to read the article and watch the piece featured on the Today Show:


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