A Quarter of a Million People

Stuck_mailer front

In the next few days, we are sending a mailer to our community inviting them to Graystone Church for a new message series, STUCK.  It is going out to 60,000 homes in Grayson, Loganville, Snellville, Monroe, Lawrenceville, Bethlehem, Good Hope, and Jersey.  If there is an average of 4 people per home, the invitation is being delivered to the mailbox of  240,000 people or roughly a quarter of a million souls.

You never know how people will respond or if they will even see it.  Most of them will probably go straight into the trash can.  But some of them will grab people’s attention.  Let’s pray for God to use these mailers to draw many people to Himself and for lives to be changed for all eternity.

Here are 10 prayers we can pray for those receiving the mailer

Stuck_mailer back

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