Brazil Mission Team Members, Updates, and Prayer

2014 Brazil Team


Our short-term Brazil Mission Team is arriving in Curitiba today and will return on Saturday, July 26.  For regular updates, please follow the Brazil Mission Team Blog:  Also, prayer cards are available at Guest Services at Graystone Church.

Team Members

Toni Barrett
Crystal Carpenter
Pat Carpenter
Lyndsey Casteel
Taylor Dirkse
Andrew Falgiano
Hannah Galbraith
Jennifer Gates
Samantha Greenblatt
Casey Haverkamp
Heath Hollandsworth
Joelan Howes
Julia Howes
Sadie Lambert
Jono Long
Colton Lublink
Treva Martin
Eric McKnight
Brandi Mengel
James Mengel
Ashlyn Richards
Karlee Richards
Shawn Richards
Mikayla Rogers
Melissa Russell
Kelli Scolamiero
Alan Smith
Allison Smith
Mary Ellen Smith
Luis Valenzuela
Jessica Wallace
Adam Wilhite

Prayer Requests

– Pray for the children and orphans of Curitiba
– Pray for hearts to be changed here Curitiba and among the 32 Graystone team members on this trip
– Pray for Hope & Life Brazil – the organization we’ll be working with
– Pray for health and safety


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