Future Graystone Church Beach Campus (Current Rankings)


images-1As many of you know (LORD WILLING), we hope to one day have a Graystone expansion campus at the beach.  Most of the staff have put requests in to serve at the beach campus, and many of our faithful members are hoping to be a part of the core team.  Of course, finding a job/career to support the family to make the move to the beach is one of the big obstacles standing in people’s way.  But none the less, we can still DREAM.

Here are the current standings for the future Graystone Beach Campus:

1.  Graystone Amelia Island (previously unranked)

2. Graystone Hilton Head (previously #1)

3. Graystone Destin (falling fast after spending several years at #1)

4. Graystone Palm Coast

5. Graystone La Jolla (This is a major long shot, but we can dream.)

If you would like to vote on one or give your thoughts and suggestions, please feel free to join the conversation.



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  1. Graystone space coast- somewhere near Cocoa Beach. Look at a town called Indialantic. Imagine having service near a rocket launch.

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