Jessie attends all 3 services at Graystone Ozora.

Jessie, our 6 year old daughter, who we affectionally call our “grandchild” is growing up in church.  On a typical Sunday, she attends her kindergarten class at Graystone Church all 3 services.  Yesterday during the 11:00 service, she asked her teacher (Anna Barwick) if it was the 12:00 service yet.  Anna said, “Almost.”  Then Jessie responded, “Good!  She’s my favorite teacher (Kellie McCrae).”  By the 12:15 service, Jessie is helping (I.e. She’s the assistant) teach the lesson.

After the 12:15 service yesterday, as usual, Jennifer and I were talking with people in the lobby and forget to pick up Jessie.  I ran back into the Kindergarten Room to relieve Kellie (Jessie was the last child in the room who wasn’t a McCrea.), and Jessie had all three of her “cell phones” (pictured below) in her hand.  She showed her “schoolwork” to me, then she quoted from memory her Bible verse of the day with hand motions and all.

Your teachings are worth more to me than thousands of pieces of gold and silver.” Psalm 119:72

I love the fact that Jessie loves church and is hiding God’s word in her heart every Sunday (3 times).

photo 3photo 2photo 1


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