On the Lighter Side: My Man Boobs Update

Since Memorial Day when Jennifer said that I have *man boobs or “moobs” for short, I have been on an exercise binge.  I have played tennis 4x’s, run 3x’s, played full court basketball once, and lifted weights almost daily.  I am “toning up” and getting more muscular.  I took Jessie to the pool Saturday afternoon and when I took my shirt off, I could feel quite a few eyeballs shifting my way.

On the negative side, all of the exercise has increased my appetite and I haven’t been eating healthy.  In fact, I’ve been through a couple of gallons of Blue Bell Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream.  But I have earned it.  So my weight is roughly the same or maybe I’ve gained a little.  It kind of reminds me of my Bulk Up Chisel Down Plan to prepare for my honeymoon.

If you haven’t heard the story of my Bulk Up Chisel Down plan, then you will on my first message of The Man Series.  We will be kicking off The Man Series at Graystone Church this Sunday.  It is also Father’s Day and we will give all of the fathers a FREE gift. So be sure and invite dad to church.  It will be a very special day for EVERYONE.

*I decided not to post a picture with this blog.  Also, you do not want to do a google search for “man boobs”.  The images are gross and disturbing.

Categories: Graystone Church, Humor, Random

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