Graystone Mother’s Day Recap (Monday Morning Download)

Mother's Day

1. Mother’s Day 2014 was the highest attended Sunday in the history of Graystone Church not counting Easter or Christmas. PRAISE GOD!

2. Approximately 40 children were dedicated to the Lord. PRAISE GOD! I am so proud of all the parents who made commitments to raise their kids in church and a Christian home.
I personally prayed for each child as I was signing the certificates, and I’m really excited that we have one prayer warrior from our Graystone Prayer Team paired up to pray specially for one child and his/her family. Children and youth are our #1 mission field at Graystone.

3. Jennifer did a great job sharing the message God laid on her heart. I know that God used it to speak to many hearts, especially the women of Graystone. Hopefully, all of us are letting go of the lies we believe and are replacing them with the truth of God’s word.
Click here for Jennifer message notes and accompanying verses. A few people told me that I might be out of a job. Actually, Joelan (my son) said, “Nate and Mom are both pushing for your job.”

4. There were 20 men in dark suits carrying big Bible who filed into the 11:00 Ozora service and took up two rows in the middle section. This freaked Jennifer out because she thought it was a group there to protest a female “preaching”. As it turns out, they were a group from Teen Challenge, a national Christian addiction recovery ministry that provides housing for men who need help overcoming any kind of addiction.
We were happy to have them at Graystone once we knew they were not there to cause a ruckus. Hopefully, they will be back and will feel comfortable to dress more casual. BTW, I had quite a few comments on my linen khakis and blue long sleeve tucked in button down. Don’t get used to it people. I just wanted to step it up a notch on Mother’s Day.

5. As always the music, videos, and other elements of the service were incredible. I love the fun, upbeat song to kick off the service that connects with everyone (Ozora: “Happy” and Walton: “Girl on Fire”). The worship and response songs were powerful. I am constantly blown away by the talented people God has led to Graystone Church.

6. A big THANK YOU to Allison Elaine Photography for taking family pictures and 375 Photography for providing pictures in the service. The parent child dedication pictures and family portraits will be available for download from the Graystone website sometime this week.

7. Our Graystone Ladies ALTA Tennis Team won their semifinal match yesterday and will play for the City Championship next Sunday. I am so proud of each of these ladies. They are a great group of ladies and moms. Their big win was just icing on the cake to a great Mother’s Day!

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