Jennifer is preaching on Mother’s Day at Graystone Church.

Howes 2013

It’s been almost 11 years since our family moved from Texas to Georgia to begin Graystone Church. We met for a year growing and developing our core team and then we launched in October 2004. We will celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary this Fall. It will be off the chizzy.

Over the past 11 years, Jennifer has never “preached” at Graystone, which is hard to believe, because she has done just about everything else. And she is a great teacher. She has taught 2nd grade at Grayson Elementary. She teaches our Newscomers Class. She teaches our parenting small group. She’s taught the large group at Sports Camp and in the children’s area. She has taught women’s small groups and at women’s retreats. She’s taught our staff team. Well, this Mother’s Day she will teach, preach, share (whatever you want to call it) during our main services at Graystone Church. And I cannot wait!

Jennifer will teach from an entirely new perspective. She will share from the perspective of a female, wife and mom. The message will apply to EVERYONE, but she will be addressing issues that are specifically pertinent to women. She’ll be hitting topics like: getting rid of insecurity, quitting the comparison game (there is no such thing as the perfect mom, woman, or even dude.), and how to trust God with your kids and their future.

According to our production team, she did a better job recording the message for our Walton Campus than used to on Thursdays. I know God is going to use her message in a powerful way in all our lives and especially the women. Let’s be sure to invite mom and all the females we love (sister, daughter, grandma, aunt, friends, etc.). I have a sneaky suspicion that it will be one of the best services of the year at Graystone Church.

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