Friday 5: Sunday’s Message…God’s Got This!

barrel1. I am more excited about sharing this Sunday’s message than I have been about any message in a looooooong time.

2. I will be sharing 5 stories from the book of John. Bring a Bible. Study ahead if you would like.

a. Jesus turns water into wine (John 2)

b. Jesus feeds the five thousand (John 6)

c. Jesus heals the paralyzed man (John 5)

d. Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead (John 11)

e. Jesus washes His disciples’ feet (John 13)

3. Wayne Shelnutt’s son, Dylan, will be sharing a personal testimony about trusting God as his dad battles cancer. It is powerful. Bring kleenex.

4. We have whiskey barrels on stage. I will explain.

5. Whether you are going through something small or BIG, be ready to turn it over to God, because GOD’S GOT THIS!

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