Jesus’ Slam Dunk on Easter Sunday


After all of our Easter services at Graystone, I was pretty wiped out on Sunday afternoon. I came home, threw some ribs on the grill (Laura Gosa’s famous recipe) and we had a great meal together around the Howes’ family table. It was a special time for our family to celebrate all God did in and through Graystone during Easter.

After this mid-afternoon lunch, I laid down to watch a little NBA playoffs. Well, like most pastors around the world, I fell asleep and enjoyed a sweet post Easter nap. When I woke up, it looked like Jesus was playing basketball for the Charlotte Bobcats. My first thought was… “the Bobcats are in the playoffs? Well, I guess if Jesus is playing for them, then it’s possible.” I was still half-asleep.

Then I saw Jesus sky up and posterize The Birdman of the Miami Heat. It was awesome! And I thought, “It is Easter Sunday. HE IS RISEN!”

Sorry this post is a little cheesy and random, but I am still recovering from Easter.


Categories: Humor, Random, Sports

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