Thank You to Our Amazing Graystone Team!

Saturday Night Service

Saturday Night Service

I want to thank EVERYONE who helped make Easter at Graystone a phenomenal weekend. Thank you to our incredible staff team and selfless volunteers. You all are amazing! It’s an honor to serve God with you.

Thank you to EVERYONE who came on Saturday night! We actually had a packed house and this created room for Sunday morning at our Ozora campus. Parking and traffic flow was much better this Easter, and we had plenty of empty seats at 11:00AM where we had many first-time visitors. We gave away approximately 50 gift bags to first-time families. Thank you also to those who parked in overflow at the Ozora campus.

Thank you to those at the Walton campus who attended the 9:30 service. This created more room at 11:00. Actually, both services were equal in attendance with lots of energy and excitement.

Thank you to Kyle, Zach and our incredible bands and tech teams. The music was moving, powerful, and enhanced the Easter message. Thanks for giving it your all for EVERY service.

Thank you to all of our amazing volunteers. Thank you to those who cleaned, mowed, set up and tore down. Thank you to our incredible parking team, greeters and ushers. Thank you to our children’s workers. Thank you EVERYONE who served.

We set attendance records at both campuses. And I know of at least ONE life that was changed for all eternity. PRAISE GOD!

Thanks again for serving on the Graystone Team. You are loved and greatly appreciated. The best is yet to come!

Your Pastor and Friend,


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  1. I agree with everything you said!!!! Your message was fantastic, I feel more lives will be changed for all eternity!! So proud to be apart of Graystone!!

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