Church Motion to Purchase Property for Graystone Walton

In the craziness of Jersey Day, we forgot to make the church motion available at our Ozora campus.  We will vote on the purchase of the property for our Graystone Walton campus at a special business meeting on Monday, April 14 at 7:00PM.  We will have a “town hall” meeting on Sunday, March 30, at 1:30PM to answer everyone’s questions.  Also, we will answer the top 10 FAQ’s in my next blog post.

Here is the motion:

 “Pursuant to the By-Laws of the Graystone Community Church, the Elder Board is hereby seeking the approval of the congregation to enter into a contract with United Community Bank for a loan amount of $1,000,000 and any subsequent closing costs.  The loan is to purchase the 721 and 723 North Broad Street, Monroe, GA 30656 properties for an amount not to exceed $750,000 plus a construction loan of $250,000.   The purchase is for approximately 5 acres of land on Highway 11 with two buildings that are approximately 22,000 square feet.  The congregation also approves any down payment and subsequent renovation costs through the Walton Building Fund.  The congregation along with their approval hereby covets to financially support, pray, and be unified as a body of believers as we seek to glorify God through the expansion of Graystone Church with a permanent facility for our Walton Campus.

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