Important Dates for the Proposed Future Site of Graystone Walton

Walton Campus_beforeWalton Campus_after

We are deep into the process of doing our due diligence, securing financing and seeking God’s perfect will with the property on Highway 11 in Monroe for the Proposed Future  Site of Our Graystone Walton Campus. 

Here are some Important Dates to put on your calendar:

 1.  Info Meeting…………..March 30 / 1:30PM  / Ozora Campus

This will be an open “town hall” format meeting to answer EVERYONE’s questions about the purchase of the land and buildings for the permanent facilities of Graystone Walton.

2.  Prayer Walk…………..April 6 / 2:00 PM  / Proposed New Walton Campus

We will meet at the proposed future site of Graystone Walton (723 N Broad Street, Monroe, GA 30656) and circle the property in prayer.

3.  Business Meeting…….April 14 / 7:00PM / Ozora Campus

The members of Graystone Church will vote on the purchase of the new property and the construction loan for the initial renovations.  The financial specifics will be made available on Sunday, March 23, and we will discuss them in detail at the Info Meeting on Sunday, March 30.

Let’s keep praying and seeking God’s perfect will!

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