Why are we talking about SEX in church?

The title of my message this Sunday at Graystone Church Ozora Campus is How To Have Great Sex.  I will be sharing 6 points on how to have great sex.  If you would like to study ahead, we are diving in to Song of Songs 4:1-16.

Why are we talking about sex in church?

1.  Sex is not a bad thing.  It’s a beautiful things when it is done God’s way.  It is intended as a gift from God within the marriage covenant.  God is the one who created sex.  It’s a gift from Heaven intended not only for procreation but for pleasure.  And all God’s people said, AMEN!

2. The church needs to talk about sex.  We are bombarded every day by the world’s view of sex.  And the world has tainted and perverted sex and turned it into something that it is not.  Do you know where most people including our kids learn about sex? Friends, Internet and Hollywood.  I personally heard a lot about sex in shop class in the 7th grade.  Anyway, our parents and kids need to learn a Biblical view of sex.

3.  If we want to have great marriages, we have to have a great sex life!  And if you want to have a great sex life, you have to have a great marriage.  The end goal is to have great Christian marriages which will lead to having great Christian families.  Next to keeping God at the center of our families, the intimacy of the husband and the wife is the most important aspect for our marriages to live HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

3 Disclaimers for my message, How To Have Great Sex:

1.  I am not an expert on sex.  I have joked around that it’s easy to prepare a message when it’s a topic that I am knowledgeable and deeply passionate.  I have joked that this Sunday’s message is right in “my wheelhouse”.  But I am only kidding.  I am not a sexpert.

2.  I promised Jennifer that I would not tell any personal stories.  In fact, Jennifer has informed me that she will be serving all 3 services in the children’s area.  Also, I doubt I will post this message online, because I’m a little uncomfortable thinking about my mom and Aunt Sissy watching it.

3.  This message is rated M of Mature.  Please, please, please put your kids in the children’s area.  We have one of the greatest children’s ministries in the world (BTW, for pastors and church planters, children’s ministry is the secret sauce of Graystone Church.  Do you think all these people really come to hear me preach?  Well, maybe they do, when I’m talking about sex.) and this would be a great Sunday to let your kids enjoy it.  We will also be dismissing the 6th-12th graders before the message.  They will be learning what the Bible says about love, dating and purity.  You want them to hear this.  I know I’m excited about my two kids learning a Biblical view of the topic.

So, with all that said, I think this Sunday is going to be “one of my good ones”.  I know all the husbands are fired up about it, because I’ve been getting text messages, emails, and comments all week.  But I also think the wives will really enjoy the message, because I’m going to be explaining a little more about how husbands are to love our wives as Christ loved the church (Ephesians 5:25).  The intimacy between a husband and a wife is so much more than what happens in the bedroom.  We’ll talk more about it on Sunday.

Bring your checkbooks! 🙂


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