Proposed Future Site of Our Graystone Walton Campus

We shared at both campuses yesterday the BIG NEWS that we have a piece of property under contract for the proposed future site of our Graystone Walton Campus.  PRAISE GOD!  We are in the process of doing our due diligence and are continually seeking God as we move forward with a permanent facility for our first expansion campus, Graystone Walton.

This property is approximately 5 acres and is located on Highway 11 (723 N. Broad Street) in Monroe just north of Highway 78.  It has approximately 2 acres of pavement and over 20,000 square feet of buildings.  Our plan is to renovate the space in phases.  We will share much more information as we learn more specifics/details through our due diligence.  We have a special business meeting scheduled for Sunday, March 30 at 1:30PM for the members of Graystone to vote on the purchase of this property.  Please pray with us as we seek God’s perfect will.

Walton Map

This property is located in the center of Walton County and is approximately 20 minutes from our Graystone Ozora Campus.

Proposed future development of Monroe (1000 acres) off Hwy 138 extension

Proposed future development of Monroe (1000 acres) off the new Hwy 138 extension

Building Map

Walton Campus_before

Walton Campus_after

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